W1960_Lincoln_Continental_--_10-02-2009o isn’t impressed with a Cadillac? I know I am. Ever since I was a young child, I have always been impressed the big, bold look of the Lincoln Cadillac. When I got my first job, guess what automobile I bought? If you guessed a Cadillac, you get the grand prize. There is just something so classy about driving around with one hand on the steering wheel, the other arm around the back of the passenger seat, sunglasses on, and the roof down. I was styling and profiling, and looking mighty sharp, if I do say so myself.

As I got older, and started a family, my automobile of choice had to change to accommodate my growing family. I mean I could have driven my children around in my Cadillac, but they honestly wouldn’t have appreciated the machine like I did. Moreover, even though I love my children, the mere thought of them spilling anything in my Cadillac would’ve given me a stroke. So instead of riding them around in my precious cargo, I got a mini-van.

But don’t think I got rid of my beloved Cadillac. Heck no, I definitely kept it. As a matter of fact, I still have it today. I just didn’t let me ride in it. I know this might seem harsh, but children being children wouldn’t have not had any respect for my car, and that would have been a serious problem.

Plus, as my children got older, there wasn’t any time to take pleasure in joy riding my Cadillac around. I didn’t have any time to ride around like before, due to soccer practices, playdates, mall shopping with friends, and every other event imaginable with me serving as chauffeur.

But now, my children are grown and out the door. Now, I can get back to earlier times, times when I can drive around in my Cadillac. Words cannot express what it felt like the first time I slid into my Cadillac to take it for a spin. Like before, I had my black sunglasses on, and I the roof down. I want to say it was euphoric, but it was so much more than that.

It was like being free, like I had earned the opportunity to do it again. In a way, I did. I had raised my children, taken care of a household, and as the song says, it’s my turn. But this time, even though I was going through the same motions, there was a maturity to me that wasn’t there before. I wasn’t so much trying to impress at this stage of my life. I was riding around for pure enjoyment, and the enjoyment was all mine. Yes, it sounds selfish, but sometimes being selfish is a good thing.

This brings me to what my blog is going to be about. If you guessed Cadillacs, you guessed right again. I am going to be talking about all things Cadillac, including the crafting of the exquisite vehicle known around the world as the Cadillac. If you have any suggestions on a Cadillac topic, let me know. I hope you enjoy what you see here and come back often.