The Truth Behind Elvis and His Pink Cadillac

In early March, 1955 Elvis acquired his very Cadillac, which was in the color scheme of pink and white. The luxury car was supposed to be the transportation for Elvis and his band, the Blue Moon Boys, for a little close to three months. Unfortunately, the Cadillac stopped running due to a brake lining igniting on an Arkansas road two months after Elvis got the car.

This didn’t stop Elvis at all. One month later, he bought another Cadillac, a new 1955 Cadillac Fleetwood Collection 60. Unlike the first one, this one was in blue with a black roofing system. Elvis must have really wanted a pink Cadillac, because he had his neighbor paint it pink, a special tint that became known as “Elvis Rose.” This is the one that he gave to his mom, possibly the most well-known automobile worldwide. Gladys Presley has always proudly indicated that it as “her” Cadillac.

Gladys Presley never ever had a vehicle driver’s certificate, and Elvis drove the car with his band member during the years 1955 – 1956. They had a major accident in Texas in September of 1955. Scotty Moore drove the pink and black Cadillac Fleetwood into an approaching car that was trying to get around a pickup truck. Scotty recalls the Cadillac needing about $1,000 well worth of repairs.

In February 1956, Elvis had actually the upholstery replaced along with obtaining a paint job.

This could well have been when the black roofing system is repainted white.

Joe Esposito later used the pink Cadillac when he met up with Elvis at Graceland in 1960 when they both returned from Germany after serving in the armed forces.

The automobile was seen at the front entrance of Graceland during a visit from President George Bush and Junichiro Koizumi, the Prime Minister of Japan in 2006.